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Woman Traveled 9,000 Miles To Marry A Maasai Tribesman 30 Years Younger Than Her


Woman Traveled 9,000 Miles To Marry A Maasai Tribesman 30 Years Younger Than Her

She now goes by the Maasai name Nashipai.

California-based Deborah Babu has said she couldn’t be happier after traveling 9,000 miles to marry a Maasai tribesman 30 years her junior. She met with Saitoty while walking along a beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania, in 2017, and in December of that year, he officially got down on a knee. 

In June 2018, they had a traditional Maasai wedding. And have legalized their union this year. 

Deborah Babu And Maasai Tribesman 4
Deborah Babu/SWNS

“I never expected to find a husband and marry someone so much younger than me, but he is the kindest and most caring man. When he first brought up marrying me, I thought he was crazy. But my children and family said I shouldn’t care about the age gap as I’d been alone long enough and deserved to be happy,” Deborah said

Now, she goes by the Maasai name Nashipai and lives with Saitoty and his family in Tanzania. 

Deborah Babu And Maasai Tribesman 2
Deborah Babu/SWNS

Deborah said of her new home: “It’s a very different life here in Tanzania, but I’m happy.” She was on holiday with her daughter when she met with Saitoty. The pair at the time were enjoying a stroll when they bumped into two Maasai, one of whom was 30-Year-Old Saitoty, selling souvenirs. The mom-daughter didn’t purchase any of the items, but Deborah posed for a photo with them, and the pair chatted. 

Deborah and Saitoty then established a friendship and kept in touch, with him even accompanying the mom-daughter to the next destination of their trip. 

Deborah Babu And Maasai Tribesman 3
Deborah Babu/SWNS

When she returned to the States, the Maasai tribesman asked Deborah for her hand in marriage, and despite initial concerns over their age gap, Deborah’s children encouraged her to go for it if that was what she wanted. The couple has proven to be happiest as one, but some people haven’t supported their relationship. 

According to Deborah, Saitoty has been accused of only being with her for a green card. 

Deborah Babu And Maasai Tribesman 6
Deborah Babu/SWNS

She explains: “It hurts because I know how little his desire is to live in America. People ask if I adopted him or that I’m his grandma which make Saitoty upset. We just like to focus on us and our happiness.” The feeling seems mutual, with Saitoty insisting that he’s proud of their marriage. He said of Deborah, “She’s beautiful and kind and she supports me.”

Having a wife is no doubt a big step and for the cattle farmer, seeing Deborah for the first time was like he’d seen an angel. 

Deborah Babu And Maasai Tribesman 1
Deborah Babu/SWNS

He said of the moment: “We laughed together and took a photo, and she just melted my heart.” 

Deborah Babu And Maasai Tribesman 5
Deborah Babu/SWNS

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