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Woman Shamed For Having ‘Distracting’ Breasts While Celebrating Her Birthday


Woman Shamed For Having ‘Distracting’ Breasts While Celebrating Her Birthday

“I’m not even that hot.”

Adrienne Airhart, who had just celebrated her birthday, had to receive an unsavory remark from someone seated next to her on that very special night in front of her candle.

Celebrating her 30s with her husband, her night was slightly intervened by a woman who had a problem with her body.


She easily summed it up as an incident that is rooted in “prejudice against big naturals.” And the woman went as far as removing herself from the table, possibly temporarily, because she later confirmed that she’d also come with her partner, who spoke with her when she left.

“This was me last night. I’m not even that hot. The lady was just a hater,” she added later with a clip of herself in an orange dress at the restaurant.

The tweet with over 34.7k likes had got other women sharing the same experience as well.

A user shared her experience, “I’ll never forget when I was on work experience at 15 years old and the lady I was ‘working’ for wrote in my evaluation that I dressed inappropriately. I didn’t; I was wearing exactly what they had told me to wear. I simply had breasts.”

“As a teenager, I worked so hard to give my BFF the confidence to take the t-shirt over her one-piece swimsuit off at the beach. It was summer, 100°F. Two minutes later, some lady gasps, “That is obscene!” and the t-shirt went back on,” shared another.

Another chimed in, “As a fellow big natural I felt this in my core, dreaming of the day I get a reduction and can be ✨normal✨.”


Adrienne added that such comments don’t particularly get to her that much as they happen “all the time.”

But some users think that perhaps she could’ve worn something else because of it. One told her, “Maybe you should’ve worn a different dress.”

“School everywhere: I told you so,” wrote another.

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