Woman Set A 'Wooosh' Moment On Twitter When Her Tenant Broke Into Her Home

Woman Set A ‘Wooosh’ Moment On Twitter When Her Tenant Broke Into Her Home

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There’s a major ‘woosh’ moment going on right now on Twitter. Well, we can’t blame them as the situation actually seem believable. Twitter user Pin Young shared how her tenant in her guest house has broken into her home with her friends.

They couldn’t occupy it, but she wonders if she should just let this slide since her lease is up on January 20th anyway. Or should she kick them out now? Can she trust them to be peaceful until then?

This tweet enraged people because the tenant should really be arrested!


Well, some Twitter users saw this situation at face value and advised her to kick them out. Many wrote a list of things she could do and how to prevent the situation from happening again.

Obviously, this is what we should be doing right?


The outright reactions from people who didn’t realize the satire of the tweet are pretty funny. This tweet is actually a reference to the Capitol building in Washington, D.C, incident on January 6. The situation is now barely kept in control, with rioters and instigators arrested one by one.

A majority of people understood the reference and played along.