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Woman Reveals She Lets Her Husband ‘Play’ With Her Mom


Woman Reveals She Lets Her Husband ‘Play’ With Her Mom

So unusual.

Do you know about the swinger lifestyle?

TikToker @milliesellers411 is presently living it, and she appears to hold no regret with her decision. The self-acclaimed swinger left people stunned after highlighting her unusual family arrangement in a post on TikTok.  In particular, @milliesellers411 revealed she permits her husband to play with her husband. In the clip, the TikToker could be seen with a woman she claims is her mom.

TikToker @milliesellers411 has revealed she lets her husband have s*x with her mom.


The video pan across to the woman in teeny white shorts, who sidle over to a man believed to be her daughter’s husband. Speaking to the camera, @milliesellers411 said: “Do you want to know how I keep my man happy? I let him play with my mum.” It remains unknown if the group of three are being serious or just joking, but the video had been captioned: “Don’t judge and yes I do,” with hashtags #hotwife #sharingiscaring.


Don’t judge and yes I do ##fypシ ##hotwife ##sharingiscaring

original sound – milliesellers411

The unusual arrangement has left people thinking if it’s a joke or real.


So far, it’s been watched over 11 million times, and as expected, people couldn’t hold back on their comments. “WHAT.” One person commented. Another said: “I really hope this is a joke, Lol.” While a third joked: “Best damn wife ever.” A few people were entirely in disbelief, while others felt the man posing as husband is her brother.

The post has gone viral and flooded with comments:

In an updated post, TikToker @milliesellers411 again sparked confusion. In the clip, where she donned a nude crop top, she claimed to be in bed with a married man and his wife. It was captioned: “Facts my life.” While the overlaid text had read: “I had a married man over last night!!” 

In an updated clip, she claimed to be in bed with a married couple.


Facts my life ##fypシ ##hotwife ##swingercouple

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