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Woman Reveals She ‘Deeply Regrets’ Her Tattoo Because It Gets A Lot Of ‘Unwanted Attention’ From Men


Woman Reveals She ‘Deeply Regrets’ Her Tattoo Because It Gets A Lot Of ‘Unwanted Attention’ From Men

When a permanent mark ends up disastrous.

Tattoos are often used by people who want to express themselves. They are also a medium of art for some people or as a mark of an important occasion in one’s life.

But because they are permanent, some people end up regretting ever getting themselves tattooed, like this woman.

Australian TikTok content creator Paul Sterratino was going around the beach to have them tell him what their life’s biggest regret was. And a woman showed him her back to reveal an intricately inked floral design on her back.

“The tattoo on my back,” she told the TikTok user. The huge tattoo covered almost all of the upper side of her back and seemed to match the small flowers on her elbows. Paul seemed to know what was up.

“Have you had any unwanted attention from it?” he asked her.

“Yeah, I would say it’s a bit of a d*** magnet – a lot of unwanted attention.”

@imthatannoying #fyp original sound – Paul sterrantino

But some people seem to disagree with her. One wrote, “Most women look so much better with no ink.”

Another wrote in disbelief, “Are you kidding? Tattoos are the worst on women. Very few men like them.”

One asked, “So, wear a T-shirt?” It was followed by another’s comment, “But yet she is showing it off in a halter neck top…”

And she’s not alone – recently, a US-based woman had gotten a grotesque black rabbit tattoo. Grotesque was not the theme she was going for.

Vaniya visited “Friday the 13th” tattoo studio with her friends during their promotional period. A single tattoo cost her only around $13, and she decided to go in with a design of Sanrio’s character, Kuromi.

It definitely did not go well, and people were even mocking that it looked like someone drew it with a Sharpie.

“It’s supposed to be Kuromi, but it’s like Kuromi on crack,” said the woman.

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