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Woman Reveals Expert Tips To Nail Your Instagram Photo Poses


Woman Reveals Expert Tips To Nail Your Instagram Photo Poses

The most flattering way to smile, sit, and stand on camera!

In our modern social media-addicted world, it can be safe to say that learning how to be photogenic is of ultimate significance. And proving this, a photogenic Instagram user, who has become a sensation recently shared some expert tips on how to nail the perfect yet flattering Instagram photo poses.

Miami-based Bonnie Rodriguez Krzywicki has garnered over 600K followers, a big thanks to her handy tips on the dos and don’ts of taking photos. From how best to sit on a sofa to how best to stand in a swimsuit, Bonnie’s side-by-side pics perfectly shows the good and bad side of poses.

Bonnie equally revealed how just the tiniest tweaks to one’s body position can make a huge difference. Offering more in-depth clip guides on YouTube, Bonnie is a graduate of photography.

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Sitting Down In A Swimming Suit: Bonnie explained that the Bambi Pose which entails sitting up in a kneeling position is the best for swimsuits as it flatters the body. This position, according to Bonnie accentuates the natural curves as well as prevents awkwardness. Although, it can be uncomfortable.

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Putting Your Fashion Foot Frontward: Proportions are crucial when doing a fashion shoot on social media. As seen in the photos, Bonne swapped the longer sweater for a t-shirt, leather jacket, and evidently did change the footwear for the perfect pose.

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Avoid Looking Flat:  This can be achieved by facing square to the camera, giving you a little shape. Instead, Bonnie advised you to elongate the limbs by touching something nearby, which of course gave her the perfect curves.

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How To Get The Most Flattering Photo: Using lines and angles of a balcony or railing is important. Bonnie in this photo showcased her arms and legs by creating angles via her elbows which are resting on the railing. Her knee is also kicked out in front.

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Sitting On The Sofa: To make the perfect sofa photo, Bonnie advised that the camera should be lowered in order to appear powerful and larger. Doing this also entails creating triangles for your body shape.

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Wearing A Jacket:  A jacket over the shoulders make you appear elegant for the perfect pose. The pose on the right is gorgeous due to the way the buttons are placed.

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The Long And Lean Pose:  Extending a leg and toe tends to add shape to a photo, creating a feeling of openness. A look over the shoulder also completes such a pose.

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The Bare Foot Pose: A photo without shoes is adequate for pics to take on a beach or at home. If you are going bare, it’s advised to stand with one foot in front of the other while also standing on tiptoes to elongate your body figure.

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Adorable Couple Shots: A perfectly placed hand on the waist helps to highlight the waist and cuts the body in a perfect place.

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