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Woman Made Edible Roasted Alien Facehugger But It Was Not Allowed For Thanksgiving


Woman Made Edible Roasted Alien Facehugger But It Was Not Allowed For Thanksgiving

Do something creepy this Thanksgiving, but be sure not to get banned!

Are you thinking of how to scare the hell out of your loved ones this Thanksgiving? Ok! Try serving them this Alien oriented Facehugger, a mean-looking fusion of snow crab legs, chicken sausage tail, and roasted chicken.

Hellen Die, a chef, photographer, writer, food stylist, researcher and dishwasher at the Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon is the brain behind the Alien Facehugger. Her horror-inspired food and recipe collection have gone beyond the standard of Halloween themed decorations.

Hellen has, however, had a long history working in the Hollywood film and T.V., majorly in horror films. With her brilliant skills displayed on the set, Hellen is bringing the gore into the kitchen by making horrifying looking delicious Thanksgiving recipes with the assistance of her doggy sidekick, Lucifer.

Evidently a fan of the Alien films, Hellen had gone with the Chestburter emerging hideously out of the centerpiece turkey, a scary attempt that got her evicted from cooking duties. You sure will admit it appears quite awesome, though!

Anyways, scroll down to check out Helen’s Facehugger turkey recipe in the photos below.

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