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Woman Left Hilariously Horrified After Receiving ‘Elegant Dress’ She Ordered Online


Woman Left Hilariously Horrified After Receiving ‘Elegant Dress’ She Ordered Online

Enjoy a lot of laugh at the cost of $32!

Online shopping expectations being crushed is a commonly heard problem. But to have not only your expectations but also guts crushed out of laughing so much? Now that’s rare.

Natalie Tyson shared an online shopping mishap on TikTok that gone viral because of just the sheer ridiculousness.

It’s so easy to fall in love with a dress listed at a ridiculously affordable price. This silky moss green high-slit dress had caught the eye of Natalie’s sister. Despite the suspicious price tag and possibly unreliable site, they ordered the dress anyway. It’s only $32, anyway, right?

The North Carolina woman did not think much about it.

Well, boy, they were so wrong!

It was the right green color, but definitely made of a totally different material! The dress was a poorly sewn counterfeit made of the same materials that easily creases that you’d see used as curtains.

The video had gone viral on TikTok with more than 7.2 million views.



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When put side-by-side, you could just see how poorly made the one they were sent with!

The comments went wild with how different the dress they’d received! The materials looked more similar to cotton and they did not even have the same cutting and design. It lacked the ribbon, bra-support, the shoulder… It was essentially a disaster!

People commented how it just looks like something for upholstery.

One of the joked, “A good seamstress could fix it.”

By the way, the real dress was designed and sold by Lia Stublla from Kosovë, and they provide worldwide shipping!

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