Woman Goes Viral With Epic Transformation - But People Noticed An Issue

Woman Goes Viral With Epic Transformation – But People Noticed An Issue

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Can we ever get enough of TikTok? No, we can’t, and taking the lead on the platform is a clip of a social media influencer who appeared to transition into a completely different person. Valeria Voronina went from Gran to gorgeous, leaving people mind-blown and somewhat with many questions.

In the video created in response to a person’s comment in a previous clip – so far viewed over 31 million times and liked by more than a 4.6million people, Valeria, a social media influencer, rocked a grey hoodie with an untamed greyish hair and wire-rimmed glasses.

Valeria Voronina went from Gran to Gorgeous, leaving people astonished and somewhat with questions.

voronina_valeria_ via TikTok

Valeria lip-synched along with Beyoncé’s partition, which made her over 700K followers see her bright yellow teeth and yellow patches under her eyes. “Let me hear you say hey Mrs. Carter, say hey Mrs. Carter.” Valeria mouthed this lyric before transition surfaced. 


Ответ пользователю @heyitsmiicch Are u sure?##transitiontrends ##transformation ##beforeandafter ##fyp ##foryou ##heymscarter ##makeup

original sound – bury a friend, trytowakeup

Instantly, the TikToker appeared as a whole different woman, sporting beautifully styled curly hair, glittery purple eye shadow while donning a white tank top. Valeria was smiling with a perfect set of white teeth, a different hair color, bigger lips, and flawless skin – not everyone was convinced by what they had seen.

Not everyone was convinced. Some people pointed out Valeria’s nose, which changed shape completely.

voronina_valeria_ via TikTok

In particular, viewers were in disbelief at Valeria’s nose, which seemed to change shape completely. Someone wrote: “I’m trying to figure out the nose transformation, but IT’S JUST NOT CLICKING.” Another wrote: “AINT NO WAY.” While a third felt they’d figured the trick out, saying: “It’s not the same person look at the teeth placement and shape.”

People Were Not Convinced And Left With Many Questions: