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Woman Gives Birth To Twins From 2 Different Men, Her Husband And Her Lover


Woman Gives Birth To Twins From 2 Different Men, Her Husband And Her Lover

And she admits how this happened.

A woman from Xiamen City, China has been caught cheating by her husband after giving birth to a twin. She couldn’t imagine, not even in her wildest dream, would she be bearing the child of not just her husband, but also her lover.

What’s worse about this whole drama is that the husband immediately noticed something is off with one of the babies. One of them did not resemble him in anyway with different nose, eyes, and mouth.

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Couples are required to register the births of their babies to the police station by providing proof that they are indeed their children. Paternity test shows that the husband was indeed unrelated to one of the babies. Initially, the wife refused to admit to having cheated from him.

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Later, she revealed that she had a one-night stand with another man. Since the baby turns out to be a fraternal twin, it was easy for the husband to see that one of the babies did not resemble him at all. He also added that he will be raising his child, but not the other one that she had with another man.

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This phenomenon is called heteropaternal superfecundation and is found only 1 in 13,000 fraternal twins. This can only happen if a woman were to sleep with a different man within a day and if she had more than one egg, to begin with.

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