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Woman Forgives Her Husband For Accidentally Killing Their Twin Babies


Woman Forgives Her Husband For Accidentally Killing Their Twin Babies

It’s hoped the Hot Cars Act is passed and that safety measures are utilized worldwide.

Luna and Phoenix, a girl and boy, aged just one, were accidentally killed. Their father, Juan Rodriguez, had forgotten to drop them at daycare before working an eight-hour shift at a veterans’ hospital in the Bronx in July 2019. The twin babies were trapped in the hot car all day, and when Juan found them, they were long dead and foaming at the mount. 

Marissa and Juan’s lives got divided into a ‘before, and after the twin babies, Luna and Phoenix passed away.

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On the day of this heartbreaking incident, their mom, Marissa Quattrone, claimed it was a bright and happy day as she had planned to take them to the beach for the first time that weekend. However, she attested her life had been divided into before and after the twinkies passed away. Marissa is still very much with her husband and says she doesn’t blame him for the devastating event. 

Marissa’s world got shattered when Juan forgot to drop the one-year-old at daycare before heading to work.

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Juan [right] only discovered the tragic mistake when he got back into his car at the end of an eight-hour shift.

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According to DailyMail, the New York mom admitted her relationship with her husband did change forever and that her Six-Year-Old son remains her hero and the only reason she has coped for the last two and a half years. “I realized Juan, and I grieve in very different ways. I like to look at photos of happier times. He does not.” Marissa said. 

After the incident, Marissa was not always supportive of her husband and was very angry at many people.

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The couple’s relationship changed, and Marissa’s 6Year-Old son was the only reason she had coped.

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She added: “But we are both in agreement that we focus on the twins’ lives, their birthday, and fun memories and try not to focus on their death or the loss.” Juan avoided prison after pleading guilty to two counts of reckless endangerment. The judge had since dubbed the case a tragic, unfortunate incident. 

Juan hugs Marissa as he leaves Bronx Criminal Court after posting a $100K bond in the death of his twins.

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Marissa admitted she was not always supportive of Juan and was furious at many people. When Juan was released from Jail, they appointed her as a watch to ensure he didn’t kill himself, but then didn’t care as she was angered. “I don’t think I cared what he did. I was pushed and pulled in different directions, and I just wanted to leave. I took my four-year-old and traveled a bit not to have to be home with the sad memories.” 

Marissa’s anger has lessened as time passed, and she claims Juan wouldn’t have intentionally hurt the twins.

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At the moment, Marissa and Juan are trying to make a ‘normal life’ for themselves and their other children.

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Thankfully, Marissa, who appeared on the Dr. Phil show to talk about the subject matter, now has anger lessened, and her understanding has grown. At the moment, she’s keen on implementing a Hot Car Act in the United States. The act will require all new vehicles to be equipped with technology to detect if someone is inside a car even after switching off the engine. 

However, Marissa, pictured on her wedding day, is now keen on the implementation of a Hot Car Act.

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The act would require all vehicles to be equipped with technology that detects if someone is still inside even after switching off the engine.

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If so, an alert would be sent to the driver and others close to the car – all to stop or perhaps prevent injuries and death by heatstroke. Marissa hopes the technology can be used worldwide, including Australia, where over 5000 children are rescued each year after being left unattended in a car. On the other hand, Marissa is readily available to speak with any parent who has gone through a similar tragedy. 

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