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Woman Delivers Food And Medicines In Tears After Vandals Wreck Her Car


Woman Delivers Food And Medicines In Tears After Vandals Wreck Her Car

“I hope you’re bloody proud of yourselves!”

In this time of crisis, a lot of people really need help in getting their basic necessities fulfilled. The elderly are especially susceptible to infection which makes it challenging for them to shop at crowded grocery stores. So, 41-year-old volunteer, Helen Crouch, has been delivering food and medicine to the elderly of a remote area in Leicestershire.

However, she was shocked to find her VW Touareg to have been damaged horribly. First, all four tires were stabbed and she found out after she delivered food to an elderly in Thornton.

The next morning, Helen found they weren’t done with just flatting her tires out. They later smashed her windows and scratched the body, writing the word ‘GRASS’ on it

While crying, Helen filmed her car and said, Do you know what, for the past two weeks I’ve done solid response work for two villages and somebody has stabbed every single one of my tires. The car is now broken down and it was needed. I hope you’re bloody proud of yourselves!”

Her car was parked on Main Street in Thornton, Leicestershire when it was vandalized.

She explained, “There were leaflets advertising the response team in my back windows and everyone has seen me out and about in Thornton, Bagworth, and Stanton under Bardon.”

“No other car was damaged. I think someone has deliberately targeted my car to try to stop me doing what I am doing. It is sick beyond belief.”

Helen has been responsible for helping more than 100 people in delivering the food and medicines during the lockdown. A fundraising page has been created to help her get back on her feet and repair her car. So far, more than 180 people have raised a total of £3,440!

The page was run by Matthew Goddard who wrote, “Most of you will know just how much Helen is doing right now to help all those that are struggling. This is absolutely unacceptable, I can‘t believe someone would do this especially during the current crisis we all face.

“Let’s all show our appreciation for Helen and buy her some new tires.”

Helen works as an interior designer. She further commented, “I don’t know who did it but it could be someone who thought I was breaking the restrictions by driving in my car. Whoever did this should be utterly ashamed of themselves.”

Police from Leicestershire have confirmed that the case happened around 7 pm on March 28 and then the next day, at 9 am.

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