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Woman Bought A £65 Dress With Daring Cutouts Online Left Mortified When She Tried It


Woman Bought A £65 Dress With Daring Cutouts Online Left Mortified When She Tried It

It was exposing all the wrong parts.

Online shopping is full of potholes, have you not heard of it? Well, Courtney Henderson from Newcastle is definitely learning a lesson or two when she got her new emerald glitter dress. She ordered the £65 Ex-Lovers Glitter dress from Dressmezee and her anticipation turned into nightmare when she tried them on.

It had a daring cutout of an X-shaped that crosses right below the breast which is supposed to reveal only her waist and cleavage.

Wardrobe fails! She bought this piece of £65 and is amused at what it does.

Models who wore the clothes on online retailer Dressmezee looked gorgeous in them.

She shared it on Twitter and had gained more than 31k likes for it.

Social media users, particularly women, were amused by the pictures and her sarcastic caption that it ‘fits like a dream’. Courtney commented, “To be completely honest, there’s not that much to say about it. Apart from ordering a dress which clearly is made for the smaller breasted in society, which most dresses are these days.”

But this publicity had ended to be quite positive for both Dressmezze and Courtney. A spokesperson of the online retailed commented, “Our Ex-Lovers dress has continuously been one of our best sellers since being added to the website last year. If you check out our tagged images on Instagram you will see we have had many customers who have worn the dress and have been super happy with it.”

“We can only apologise that the dress was not suitable for the customer, we do offer a size chart so we can ensure we are as accurate as we can possibly be. Our website clearly states that we have a very fair 14-day return policy, as with the various shapes and sizes of our customer’s bodies it is unlikely that every garment will fit every individual.”

“Of course not all poor fittings generate as much publicity as Courtney’s, so as a gesture of goodwill and thanks for all the extra publicity, in addition to her refund we’re happy to offer 25% off her next purchase.”

Well, people were thoroughly entertained with the post.

Another user pointed out she saw someone else got the exact same dress at half the price somewhere else.

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