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Woman Banned Her Sister From Her Wedding Because She Keeps Making Racist Jokes About Her Asian BF


Woman Banned Her Sister From Her Wedding Because She Keeps Making Racist Jokes About Her Asian BF

When families disappoint.

Nobody wants to see their loved ones insulted. But what can you do when it’s your family member that’s doing the insulting? It seems to hurt a whole lot more when people you hope to receive support from instead treated the one you wish to marry with insults. Racism is never okay, even though it was just a ‘joke.’

Amelia, a woman who was about to marry her Korean boyfriend, shared how she decided to ban her sister from her wedding because of her racist remarks. But she wondered if she was too harsh.

“AITA for not letting my sister come to my wedding?”


She wants the wedding to be a day that is special and happy, not just for her, but also him.


Family members aren’t perfect, and they can never be. But as much as possible, we try to compensate for each other’s weaknesses. Jin-Hae told Amelia that she shouldn’t do that because it would hurt her sister, and it made Amelia wondered if she should just let her come.

But the ultimatum had been given: be respectful to my fiance, or don’t come at all.

Amelia told her sister that she’s giving her the chance to make amends.

Yet, her sister refused to apologize. And now, she’s banned from the wedding.


Jokes are supposed to be funny and make people laugh. But racist jokes should never be normalized. Yet, racist jokes do not define someone’s whole personality – just like how Amelia described that she had a good relationship with her sister until this situation erupted.

People are absolutely capable of growing out of their racist behaviors when given a chance. The majority of Reddit saw Amelia giving her sister that opportunity which she firmly refused, giving Amelia the NTA result.

One person wrote, “Stand your ground. Your sister’s behavior is racist and she clearly knows it because it’s been going on for years and she chose to escalate when learning that the two of you were getting married.”

Another reminded her, “OP for the love of God, don’t martyr your future husband. He shouldn’t have to suck it up because FaMiLy! Stand your ground and keep that sh** away from him and his family.”

Amelia got married slightly earlier anyways and now they’re happy together!


She shared that she’s now officially married with her husband, Jin-Hae, per 19th April (Congratulations!). She wrote, “It was a small but wonderful wedding, only surrounded by lovely people.”

It turns out that Amelia’s and Jin-Hae’s family have known about their stories that went viral on Reddit. They decided to disclose their real name.

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