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Woman Asked ‘Where To Meet Single Guys’ Ended Up Engaging The Guy Who Suggested Twitter


Woman Asked ‘Where To Meet Single Guys’ Ended Up Engaging The Guy Who Suggested Twitter

A unique love story.

For many people, finding true love has remained a lifelong puzzle. Even after doing everything to attract a suitable life partner, destiny still prefers to look the other way when it comes to bequeathing one true love.

As the quote goes, Whatever you do, don’t marry the wrong person. But what happens when you are really looking to fall in love and have done everything there is to do but still, nothing? Desperation suddenly kicks in and somehow it dawns on you that maybe you are looking for love at the wrong places.

One woman named Katie was sure that Twitter was the absolute worst place to look for a guy But life decided to prove her wrong anyway. In a twist of events, a random guy who replied to one of her tweets lamenting about love eventually ended up being the love of her life. Three years down the line, the two are happily engaged.

Terry Brown, The Man She’s Engaged To; summarized the whole Story In a Twitter Post


At the moment, the post in which Terry summarized the whole story has gained more than 500,000 likes and over 50,000 retweets.

3 years ago, Katie Twitted Her Frustrations About Not Knowing Where To look For Single Guys


Terry Replied By Suggesting Twitter

But Katie thought Otherwise, His Suggestion Was Absolutely Ridiculous

Then Terry suggested some more places

Katie thought They were also terrible, But Not Bad As Twitter

The Two Had A little More Chit-Chat

And It Ended On A Pretty Sweet Note

Not Before Terry Slid Into Katie’s DMs


Three Years Later, They Are Making Wedding Plans


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