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‘I’m Addicted To My Big Lips – Doctors Say I Could Die But I Won’t Stop’


‘I’m Addicted To My Big Lips – Doctors Say I Could Die But I Won’t Stop’

It can be “fatal,” but she’s not stopping.

Her addiction might cost her life, but the Bulgarian woman wasn’t going to stop her $9,000 journey to having the biggest, poutiest lips ever. Andrea Ivanova has been consistently gaining attention as she shares selfies of her big pout that only grows ever larger occasionally from lip fillers.

She’s 25 and has had almost 32 different procedures – most of them being lip fillers – that cost her almost $9,000 and she’s not stopping anytime soon.

Ivanova started going under the knife for these procedures in 2018. She recently shared on Instagram to her 23.2k followers, “It was my birthday last month and I celebrated with jaw filler. While I’m doing this, of course, I will keep up with my lips.”

Ivanova already has had the biggest lips you’d probably seen in your life. But she doesn’t consider this as the finish line and added that she’s aiming for the “most elongated and pointed chin in the world.”

“I love my lips and I want that new record.”

She currently has to get a hyaluronic acid injection every two weeks and each injection cost her $285. Her doctor has warned her that with every injection, the danger increases, and the next one can be “fatal.”

'I'm Addicted To My Big Lips - Doctors Say I Could Die But I Won’t Stop'

She shared, “My doctor said he thinks I’m overdoing it again with fillers in my chin. But he said this about my lips.”

“I’m determined to get more because I think I need to elongate and sharpen my chin.”

She’s dabbled in body modification in more places than just her face. Ivanova also had breast augmentation and got her to reach 75E from 75C. With her new curves, she’s been gaining more followers complimenting her looks. One commented, “Lips look so poppin’.”

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