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Woman, 45, Has ‘UTI’ For 4 Years, Actually Was A Glass Tumbler Lodged In Her Bladder


Woman, 45, Has ‘UTI’ For 4 Years, Actually Was A Glass Tumbler Lodged In Her Bladder

The doctors were shocked.

A Tunisian woman, aged 45, came to a doctor complaining of having UTI symptoms. She was experiencing leaking and had been treated for cystitis but had never had any doctor digging more into the cause.

The doctors decided to give her body a scan and found an 8 cm long stone in her bladder.

The doctors found that her red blood cells count was high, indicating that her body was fighting an infection. Upon seeing the scan that shows the silhouette of an object in the stone, the woman finally confessed that she had used a drinking glass for “sexual pleasure” a few years back.

She couldn’t take it out and decided to just leave it there, and it had been four years since then.

Her case was published in a medical journal as it was an astoundingly rare case that included pictures of the scan and the bladder stone.

The medical journal pointed out, “Various objects have been inserted into the bladder and many patients fail to remove them themselves and are very embarrassed to seek medical advice, which is the origin of a clinical picture which is most often atypical which occurs in a patient particular terrain.”

While most patients see blood in urine, this woman did not experience that, nor was there any urinary incontinence.

The bladder stone encases around foreign objects, such as the glass here, because minerals aren’t being properly removed from the urine in the bladder. Surgery was performed to remove this bladder stone, and they cracked it open to find the glass.

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