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What’s new in the iPhone 14?


What’s new in the iPhone 14?

The main iPhone 14 upgrades are coming to the higher-end Pro- line

1. 48-megapixel camera

users who purchase the pro rendition of the new model will get the most benefits, including a 48-megapixel camera and Camera improvements, including a new Action mode for the video that helps stabilize shots.

steve jobs daughter mocked iPhone 14 10
What’s new in the iPhone 14? 10

2. a quicker A16 processor

Apple describes the A16 as the fastest chip in a smartphone, 40% speedier than the others

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iPhone 14 pro

3. redesign of the screen

Essentially turning it into a new interface called the Dynamic Island. a screen that’s capable of always staying on in a low-power mode.It also features an “always-on display,” meaning notifications can be viewed even when the phone is locked.

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display/apple iPhone 14 pro

4. a longer battery life

Among different enhancements for the iPhone 13, the new model also flaunts a longer battery life and a bigger light sensor for low-light photography.

5. The new satellite service

this will let users send SOS messages without a cellular connection. Apple plans to offer it accessible for the first two years, starting in November.

new satellite service/apple

6. Display upgrade

the iPhone 14 Pro will get a new display with thinner bezels and more active regions. The screen is likewise brighter, at 1,600 nits, the same level of brightness as the Pro Display XDR.

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What’s new in the iPhone 14? 11

7. a car-crash feature

The iPhone 14 also offers car-crash detection, similar to the latest Apple Watch.


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