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Trans Guy Leaves Blokes Threatened As He Can Take Their Girlfriends Off Them Whenever He Wants


Trans Guy Leaves Blokes Threatened As He Can Take Their Girlfriends Off Them Whenever He Wants

“I think trans men are more empathetic about periods.”

Demitri Rodriguez has claimed that women who have been to bed with him vow to only date transgender men from then on. The 22-year-old stated that trans men like himself have the better fashion sense and are unlikely to abandon a woman after having a baby. 

Demitri Rodriguez said women he’s been with have vowed to date trans men due to his skills in the bedroom.

Demitri of Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire also urged women to date trans men because they know how the vag** works while adding that he can take girlfriends off men whenever he wants. Following this declaration via a series of TikTok clips, Demitri has been flooded with flirty messages from female admirers. 

The 22-year-old said there’s no chance of a trans man running out on a girl after getting them pregnant. 

inkedupdemitri via TikTok

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Classic – MKTO

He believes women have always been more accepting of Trans men and so far has been hailed a win-win by females who insisted trans men are more loyal. It’s also claimed that cisgender men who identify with the sex they were born didn’t stand a chance against Demitri, who had come out publicly at age 18, particularly in 2017.

The recruitment resourcer insisted trans men are more sympathetic and have a good fashion sense.

inkedupdemitri via TikTok

Demitri, who says he didn’t grow up with the ‘f**k boy mentality, stated that trans men won’t objectify women.

inkedupdemitri via TikTok

The recruitment resource further disclosed that trans men are better options because they grew up with a f*** boy mentality and didn’t objectify women like other men. “We know how the vagina works. The amount of female friends I’ve had who have told me they’ve had s*** sex because lads don’t know how to find the clitoris,” Demitri said in one of his clips.

In his video (now viral), Demitri said trans men had a better mentality and stays loyal than other men.

inkedupdemitri via TikTok

He added: “Trans men have had a vag**a, or they or they might still have one if they haven’t had the surgery. It does put men at a disadvantage compared to us. I also think it’s a universal truth that trans men dress better. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trans man who dressed like dogs s***, to be honest.”

Demitri officially came out as trans at age 18.

inkedupdemitri/Kennedy News and Media

“I think we’re better for fashion advice too. Most lads don’t know anything about make-up unless they’re gay. I also think trans men are more empathetic about periods. A lot of guys get weirded out about it, and when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of it, they’ll get like ‘What the f***.” Demitri revealed he always keeps sanitary towels at his house if a girl comes over and needs them for whatever reason. 

The trans man said he could steal the GF of any man thanks to his empathy and bedroom skills.

He again urged more men to do this, claiming it makes a girl feel more at ease. So far, his clips have each garnered over 50K views, thanks to the highlights on why trans men would be more appealing partners. The caption had read: The reasons why you should date a trans man.”  However, people in the comments wholly agreed with Demitri’s points and took to the comments with date requests and compliments. 

So far,  he has been contacted by tonnes of women asking him out on dates. Here’s proof in the comments.

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