This's How You Can Take Romantic Pictures Even When You're Single

This’s How You Can Take Romantic Pictures Even When You’re Single

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Do you always feel left out when your friends talk about their girlfriends, and you have nothing to say? If YES, fake having a girlfriend has turned out to be simple and pretty easy. All you need is to be like Rain Cavalry Yokohama, the genius singleton. Not being in a relationship truly sucks, and the month of love – February doesn’t make the situation better.

In particular, Valentine’s Day remains a twisted day for the single one who deals with loneliness with binge-watching Netflix and eating a bucket of popcorn. Well, Yokohama has proved that you can be as romantic as you wish and even go out on dates with the power of technology. The talented man from Thailand has been coming up with hilarious ways of how you can dupe your friends into believing that you have a girlfriend or boyfriend. 

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‘When I Was Tired Like A Dog, I Accidentally Lay on The Table And Fell Asleep With A Pair Of Warm Hands, Gently Handed A Cheering Note’


‘Honey, You Will Never Know How Happy My Heart Is And How Painful My Stomach Is Seeing The Love Bento You Prepared By Yourself’


‘When You Stood Your Toes And Gently Pressed Your Lips Together’


The saying fake it till you make it has undeniably been taken to heart by Yokohama, who share before vs. after photos of how to appear like you have a BF or a GF. The genius photograph ensures his fake girlfriend looks real as he captures photos of cuddling in bed, among others. 

‘No Matter How Icy The World Outside The Door Is, As Long As You Give Me A Warm Reminder Before Going Out’


‘The Sweetest Time In My Memory Was The Moment I Took You In My Arms And Smelled Your Hair Without Washing Your Hair For Three Days’


‘In The Wake Us, A Bed Headboard Pini Is A Happy Thing As Long As You Wake Up At Six In The Morning’


As seen in Yokohama photos, the required are a marker pen, flexible toes, hands, steady foot, wet wipes, and importantly, a timer on your camera. Nonetheless, for whatever it’s worth, social media can offer you an escape from real-world requirements for relationships. Like Yokohama, loneliness doesn’t haven’t to part of your lifestyle, so make yourself happy always!