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This TikTok Of A Man Talking To A Woman Is Something All Women Have To Deal With, And It’s Frustrating


This TikTok Of A Man Talking To A Woman Is Something All Women Have To Deal With, And It’s Frustrating

The unwanted harassment from men!

20-Year-Old Kaitlyn Murdock, a college student from Canada recently experienced what every woman has had to deal with at some point in their lifetime, after going all out to celebrate a friend’s birthday party.

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‘Just that night, I had to anxiously ask a random man to stop placing his arm around me as well as leave me alone and as I was outside, some men kept talking to me and grabbed my phone to talk to my friend, until I literally ran to a side of the bar.’ Kaitlyn explained.

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After the celebration was over, Kaitlyn was all alone. A man she doesn’t know approached her while she was on the phone with a friend and so did proceeded to harass her.

The TikTok revealed Kaitlyn appearing all visibly uncomfortable while the man questioned her if she can give some warmth. Kaitlyn politely told the man she doesn’t have any warmth to give in a bid to make the stranger go away.

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When he persisted, Kaitlyn got bolder and told the man she doesn’t want to have a conversation, causing him to get all angered and eventually leaving dubbing her a ‘Bitch.’

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Kaitlyn continued: ‘It was very scary and I am a very skinny and weak girl. It’s difficult to be assertive to men when I am very uncomfortable because you never know who’s going to become aggressive. I am not physically able to overpower anybody who would want to hurt me.’

Kaitlyn said she initially recorded the video in order to show her friends as evidence of what he was saying and how disturbing it was. Kaitlyn decided to upload the incident on TikTok to show what women go through when out in the public.

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‘I want people who might think women exaggerate their fear of men to think again as well as realize it’s true. This happens to every single woman or girl that I have come across.’  Kaitlyn stated.

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She equally hopes her TikTok will be relatable and inspire them to raise more awareness of the subject matter. ‘We keep trying to voice the fear, but we are usually hit with comments like ‘stop wearing revealing clothes or it’s your fault for being too nice and smiling.’ It’s unjust that being a decent human and wearing what we want makes it our fault for being harassed.’

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