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This Mom Finally Gives Birth To A Girl After Having 10 Boys In A Row


This Mom Finally Gives Birth To A Girl After Having 10 Boys In A Row

Man proposes, but God disposes!

Perhaps no one would contend with the fact that some individuals like to stick to a prepared plan at whatever costs and most of us would just go with the flow. Well, as the saying goes, Man proposes, but God disposes is what reality is all about.

And aside one’s wish and desire, there’s always something of a surprise and beauty in whatever life brings to us. Particularly, a  British Family has really been an example of the aforementioned, most especially in the area of parenting. How on Earth can one be living with so many children?

Meet the Brett family with their latest addition, a bouncing baby girl


Right after giving birth to her youngest son with quite an uncommon name of Rothagaidth in 2017. Alexis Brett became the first mother in Britain to give birth to 10 boys in a row and believed her family cycle was obviously completed. It, however, turned out that life has another surprise for the family – a new addition.

Weeks back, Alexis Brett became a mother of 11 children at age 39. Precisely, she spent over eight years being pregnant during the last 18 years and presently very excited with her big family.

The new baby name is Cameron and She’s the 11th child


The excited parent acknowledged they have finally changed the family dynamics with all the brother super alert not to wake up their little sister when she’s sleeping as well as to be well-behaved in general.

The boys are aged from 2 to 17


This certainly has brought happiness to the parents, who also added that the newly born girl wasn’t planned, but did get them over the moon after believing it might be another boy. ‘There’ll be no more children. Though I said it the last time, this time around, I mean it. I so much love my family as it is now’ Alexis revealed.

After giving birth to Cameron, Alexis – the mother of 11 says she knows the family is now complete


Expectedly, the internet is conflicted about their news

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