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This Haunting Memorial In Turkey Commemorates 440 Women Who Killed By Their Own Husbands Last Year


This Haunting Memorial In Turkey Commemorates 440 Women Who Killed By Their Own Husbands Last Year

Domestic violence instantly needs an end!

The drive and agitations for equality between the male and female gender have been on the front burner of most societies around the globe. Particularly as pertaining to the aspect of violence in the house.

The ugly trend called domestic violence has been an impediment to the advancement and even survival of many women in today’s world.

Many women have spent a good number of years suffering from domestic violence at the hands of their own husbands, which have left several wounded and some killed. This ugly practice of some ill-hearted men is not limited to a particular location as it cuts across nationalities.

Nevertheless, an artist in Turkey who felt very uncomfortable with the practice has decided to reveal his heartbreak by making an amazing and adorable artistic memorial that could not be ignored.

The memorial is created to pass a clear message of displeasure with the act as well as memorialize those that had fallen victim of this ill-mannered practice.

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All these 440 shoe pairs were placed on a building’s wall in Istanbul, Turkey

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Domestic violence against women is a bitter practice that lots of women have been subjected to without the courage to speak out.

In Turkey, it has been revealed that about 40 percent of Turkish women are suffering from domestic violence. In an attempt to create significant awareness, a Turkish artist created a heart-touching monument that must be seen.

The monument stands in commemoration of the 440 women who died at the hands of their own husbands last year

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Vahit Tuna a Turkish graphic designer and artist made the admirable memorial

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Vahit revealed that his inspiration for the memorial came from the rising number of domestic violence all over the world. Though some reported on social media, they quickly disappear shortly after they are reported.

His choice of high heels was to represent the feminism, power, and independence, he wishes for all women

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The heels are not for any of the victims, but rather a kind gesture from free donors

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Some parts of Turkey have the tradition of placing a person’s shoe outside when they pass away

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Families of the bereaved place out shoes as a sign of mourning

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The memorial is installed in a central district in Istanbul

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The 440 shoes will be out on the wall for six months

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