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This ‘Birthie Stick’ Is The Best Prank Gift Needed On Every Baby Registry


This ‘Birthie Stick’ Is The Best Prank Gift Needed On Every Baby Registry

‘Bring your delivery to life.’

Usually, baby registries are always filled with gorgeous bonnets and itty bitty socks in every pastel shade ever imagined. But are these items really necessary? Of course, they are and super cute. On the other hand, it’s difficult not to think of them as a little boring.

So, that’s why we’ll be introducing you to a Birthie Stick, a product that will certainly spice up things at every baby registry.

And Since We Are In The Internet Age, Parents Are Starting To Upload Their Child’s Birth On YouTube And On Several Other Social Media Platforms

Unsplash | Mon Petit Chou Photography

With all of these videos and more to come, it’s expected that social media influencers equally need secondary content in the format of Instagram stories, selfies, and Snapchats too.

However, If You Have Someone Expecting A Baby, You Might Just Want To Gift Them This Birthie Stick


Record every amazing moment of the birth journey at the optimal angle. Expecting moms will wholeheartedly love it.

Lol, Would You Really Gift That?


Apologies, I left you on the edge of your chair, but this Birthie Stick is actually not real. It’s just a prank gift box that can be purchased from Prank Packs on Amazon to give an expecting mother the shock of her life as well as a moment to remember always.

Selling For $7.99 On Amazon


Specifically, Prank Pack has numerous designs for you to choose from and you can use the box to put a real gift.

Are You Also Looking For A Means To Get Your Gift Noticed At A Baby Shower Event? This Birthie Stick Prank Box Might Be It

Nevertheless, we at Greenlemon advise you prank with caution!

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