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These Adorable Animal Planters Drink Their Own Water To Stay Hydrated And Healthy


These Adorable Animal Planters Drink Their Own Water To Stay Hydrated And Healthy

The era of accidentally killing plants is over!

I love plants, and taking care of them is one major headache. I most time figure out how to take care of them and I feel at all times that I am doing the right thing, like digging my hands into the soils.

It doesn’t even matter though. I mean what I do! They end up becoming lifeless on me instead.

We want to be super good at looking after plants, but honestly, we are not. Many of us don’t know when and how not to water them, even despite sticking fingers into the soil.

If you are anything like the aforementioned, these super charming animal planters are now available for you.

Are the planters really cute?


Obviously cute. They’re called the Peropon Drinking Animal Planters and can be purchased from the ultimate online gift and shop Firebox.

The planters are shaped as cutest animals with long tongues. When a tongue is dipped into a tray of water, it self-water your plants


You can neither choose from a little cat, frog, panda or dog design and each cost £10.99, an equivalent of $13.50.

To be honest and real, you’ll be needing at least one of each for your collection of tiny plants


Knowing you won’t be needing any watering any longer, just purchase for yourself a few more plants.

That’s the best part – You won’t be needing to worry about watering your plant. It’s hydrating itself!!


Well, it’s such a brilliant idea for all plant lover who happens to accidentally kill their plants. I bet I’ll be needing one, most especially as the animal planters come in as a rescue.

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