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‘The Call Of The Wild’ With Harrison Ford Will Lose $50 Million In The Box Office


‘The Call Of The Wild’ With Harrison Ford Will Lose $50 Million In The Box Office

This is not a good year for new movies.

The thrilling adventure of Harrison Ford and the CGI-ed dog appears to be not as interesting as Disney thought it would be. The movie is based on Jack London’s bestselling novel of the same title and has only earned $130 million worldwide, barely half of what it’s supposed to make just to break even.

Two weeks in and the movie has earned $45 million in the US and $79 for the international market. The movie has a price tag of $125 million and is required to make at least $250 million to break even. TSG co-financed the movie, so ‘The Call of the Wild’ won’t pose huge damage to Disney.

It is still expected to lose $50 million and is just one among the row of disappointments 20th Century Fox has been making since last year. From ‘Dark Phoenix’ to ‘Underwater’ with Kristen Steward and comedy ‘Stuber’.

‘The Call of the Wild’ is still a box office favorite for those who’ve seen it – the wonderful CGI as well as Harrison Ford’s first appearance for quite some time. There were skeptics as the dog was entirely CGI instead of getting a real dog trained for the movie. The movie has also been categorized as a family movie while the book portrays several quite violent and bloody scenes.

On top of that, fear for covid-19 outbreak has also cause theatrical visits to drop by 4% compared to last year. The world’s 2nd biggest market, China, is also lost with more than 70,000 theaters closed down for fear of the virus spreading.

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