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Thai Artist Draws Her Love Life With Boyfriend That Everyone Wants To Live


Thai Artist Draws Her Love Life With Boyfriend That Everyone Wants To Live

Get ready to feel the flutters in your stomach!

The feeling of being in love is something that cannot be well-described. Thai illustrator and comic artist Mahnfa, however, conveys the love-Dovey lives of a couple in love so perfectly well in her artworks! We love what she does and we know they’ll make your day a whole lot better.

Scroll down for some wholesomeness to start your day right! Make sure to go check out her Instagram if you love what she does.

1. Comfortable with you.

2. My happiness is to be right next to you.

3. I will never regret this love.

4. My favorite days are the ones I get to spend with you.

5. Someone so good you stop looking at others.

6. The best gift of a relationship.

7. Not the best, but for us as who we are.

8. Just spending my time with you.

9. Let’s hold hands and never let go.

10. Let’s go to places and spend a really long time together!

11. It doesn’t have to be special for everyone – just us is enough.

12. Squeezing cheeks and lips!

13. All my happiness has a part of you in them!

14. How much do I love you? Like the first day, we were together.

15. I love it when we’re together.

16. It’s hard to find the right person, but even harder to find ways to stay together.

17. You, next to me, is the best gift ever.

18. Falling for you, more and more each day.

19. Spending time with who we love is happiness.

20. I want to be with you for a very long time!

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