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Vietnamese Artist’s 29 Beautiful Comics On Love Life Of A Couple


Vietnamese Artist’s 29 Beautiful Comics On Love Life Of A Couple

They make you want to fall in love!

Love is love, that’s what Xanh Mượt believes as she draws her comics. She’s grown popular as the artist that puts down her love story in the form of comics. They’re mostly adorable and hilarious, but she doesn’t shy away from sharing also the downs of her relationships. The union of two people with differing personalities and backgrounds is just beautiful like that.

We invite our readers to enjoy her comics and drown in the wholesomeness of a couple’s ordinary life. She’s also kept making comics on how they’ve been dealing with the changing situation since the pandemic hits. And if you love her stories, you might want to join among her 160k Instagram followers!

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#1 The call of the first days of long-distance love is always full of confidant and nostalgia, the call of the following days…

#2 For passing quickly the covid, it’s also worth it for us to be apart…

#3 People want to go away and find a place where They can rest, where they’re able to find comfort.

#4 All sold out…

#5 Doing some stupid things sometimes makes our heartbeat as the first days.

#6 So weird!!!

#7 No matter who is wrong, no matter what I do… But you can’t say it loud to me…

#8 There is a big difference between reality and imagination =,=”

#9 Have you had it already?

#10 Look at them and then look at us

#11 For you, what is love?

#12 We just wanna kiss!!!

#13 Everybody has a problem with their back

#14 I am innocent

#15 best friends foreverrrrrrr

#16 You want it? You got it!

#17 There are no word

#18 Serves him right :)))

#19 You’re the most wonderful sight to me

#20 When two boys are together

#21 You want to be waked up in the morning in a special way like me right?

#22 You still have to hug me

#23 It’s addictive to have a drink with your lover. And you won’t know what will happen…

#24 Born as a girl is already a difficulty, thinking about the scene of washing a pile of dishes while at my husband’s house that would kill me. I’ll be happy if my husband do it with me …

#25 Let’s wrap up the sad memories and never let it reappear

#26 My baby never let me down

#27 The way to resolve conflicts in love depends on us

#28 That’s my babyyyyy

#29 Addicted

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