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Teacher Shares The Most Encouraging Notes Student’s Mom Writes On His Pencils


Teacher Shares The Most Encouraging Notes Student’s Mom Writes On His Pencils

This is quite a powerful one!

As discussion on self-esteem continues to open up across the world, taking a few minutes amid our daily activities for positivity is something required. Sparing out time for a self-esteem boosting can help reduce daily stress while also boosting one’s mental health.  Specifically, children can benefit a lot from the positivity as they’re sometimes unsure about themselves. Here, a teacher has been left stunned by a student’s mom for her positivity notes every day.

Amanda Cox, an elementary school teacher in Beaumont, Texas discovered herself short on pencils and requested her kids pull out any extra they had in their desks. A student volunteered a few pencils and surprisingly Amanda spotted written positive phrases on each of the pencils. Sharing the heart-melting idea with the world, she has since garnered over 600 hundred positive reactions.

Teacher Amanda Shared A Photo Displaying A Bunch Of Pencils And Each Has A Sweet Affirmation Notes Written On It

Amanda Cox

 Amanda Captioned Her Viral Post

Amanda Cox

Incredibly moved by the amazing gesture, Amanda added: ‘This probably took his mom a few minutes to do yet it lit up his day at school. He wasn’t uncomfortable that his mom wrote on his pencils. A big thanks to his mom, he’s continually reminded of his self-worth and wanted to share the same feeling with his fellow student.’

Here’s What’s Written On Each Of The Pencils

Amanda Cox

‘You will change the world, you are the best, you are a math whiz among many others are the kind of affirmations words written on each pencils. The teacher honestly felt it was indeed an incredible move by the student’s mom.

‘These Are The Kind Of Words We Should Be Reminding Our Kids Daily

Amanda Cox

Nevertheless, the concept that little messages can brighten up one’s day is something every student should be reminded of as they will definitely incorporate them into their own actions.

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