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Tallest Adult Star Says Why ‘She Prefers Shorter Men’


Tallest Adult Star Says Why ‘She Prefers Shorter Men’

“My boyfriend is 6ft tall and it’s fine.”

Rocky Emerson is believed to be the tallest adult m_o_vie star and in a recent interview, she talks about her dating life. The 6-feet-3-inches tall woman says that she actually prefers daring men who are shorter than her.

“People taller than me freak me out because I’m not used to them,” she told Holly Randall, an award-winning director for R-rated bedroom movies.

The star who was often compared with another adult star, Ava Koxx from Britain, says that men who are taller than her make her feel “uncomfortable.”

“I’m actually less attracted to people who are significantly taller than me. My boyfriend is 6ft tall and it’s fine. He feels small to me, he’s just thin and shorter than me, but I’m not like, ‘Oh, I’m not attracted to you’, I’m just like, ‘I’m bigger than you’. It’s just a fact.”

While the chances aren’t zero, it’s pretty low. She continued, “I think it would take several dates for me to relax enough to even feel safe.

“When I hug people that are taller than me I feel suffocated, I’m not used to having my face obstructed. So it’s usually around six feet that I date, but the person before him [her current boyfriend] was five foot seven or eight and it was never a big deal, he would just say that people are staring at us.”

“And that’s just how I feel as a 6ft 3ins person. Maybe if I was like 5ft 9ins I’d want somebody a little taller than me.”

The tall star also recalled how her height was a gimmick when she first started out.

“When I was new, they tried to hook me up with all the tall guys, and none of them were as tall as me. Then they put me with the short guys, and then that got old.”

“It had to be a ‘thing’ or else they wouldn’t cast me, they were like, ‘you have a lot of tattoos and you are super tall, what will we do with you?’”

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