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Supermarket Boss Refuses Refund For Hoarder Who Tried Returning 4,800 Toilet Rolls And 150 Hand Sanitizers


Supermarket Boss Refuses Refund For Hoarder Who Tried Returning 4,800 Toilet Rolls And 150 Hand Sanitizers

One thoughtless and greedy man gets his punishment.

Drakes Supermarkets director John-Paul Drake has regularly kept his YouTube channel active by uploading Retail Wraps. On one of his recent videos, JP included some tips to remind people about what they should do when shopping at the supermarket.

But the best part was where he told the story of when a hoarder returns to the supermarket and tried to get a refund on his products.

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Things I miss the most during the COVID19 Pandemic: building a toilet paper throne.

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The Drakes’ boss explained that within four weeks they have sold 8-month worth of toilet paper supplies. They have also cleared up a year supply of flour in 9 days. Along with that are other essential supplies such as healthy snacks, pasta, detergent and hand towels that see some ‘staggering statistics’.

The shelves with essential needs are swept clean and supermarkets have to hire more people, many coming from industry which operation has been shutdown.

Buying limits have been imposed but that didn’t stop a certain hoarder from taking home 150-liter worth of hand sanitizers to be resold for profit. But e-Bay closed his reselling accounts and he came back asking if he could get a refund.

“It’s not one supermarket that’s missing out. It’s every single one,” Drakes explained. He emphasized the need to limit buying in ensuring everyone gets something. Then, he moves on to meet a customer who asked for a refund for 150 units of 32-pack toilet paper and 150 bottles of 1-liter sanitizers.

Here’s what he thought (and said).

Honestly, we can safely stan this man and hope for humanity has not yet died. He confirmed that the man did not get his refund and a few people wished he will suffer from a certain digestive disorder that requires a huge amount of usage of the toilet paper.

Here’s the man on Retail Wrap #26.

The situation that we’re in is very unusual, stressful and mostly boring for people. But if there’s one thing we can do to help people, that would be to do physical distancing followed by being respectful towards others and not hoard for essentials that others need.

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