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Stunning Mom, 50, Reveals She’s Often Mistaken For Her Daughter’s Sister


Stunning Mom, 50, Reveals She’s Often Mistaken For Her Daughter’s Sister

No specific skin products just good genes!

Few things tend to age a person. Parenting, early mornings, broken sleep, constant worries of having a child, late nights, and many others are things that wrinkle one’s skin while also making one appear older than an original age.

One woman has turned the aforesaid around as the age-defying mom revels she often mistaken for her daughter’s sister each time she steps out of the house.

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Rajan Gill, who lives in Coventry West Midlands reveals she’s often mistaken for her daughter’s sister and see it as a compliment although sometimes awkward

The mom-of-three, identified as Rajan Gill lives in Coventry West Midlands and is constantly left red-faced while purchasing alcohol as cashiers query her age by assuming she’s decades younger. If it’s not the store assistants, she also gets muddled up by strangers who equally assumes she and daughter Neelam, 25 and Jasmine, 19 are sisters.

Rajan admitted it’s quite flattering but also embarrassing for her kids as people get confused about their real ages. ‘My girls are constantly embarrassed when questioned if I am their sister, but I take it as a compliment. They respond saying ‘Here we go again,’ but shortly laugh about it. I feel good people think I am the same age as my daughters.’ Rajan, a Makeup artist explained.

Internet users have even messaged Rajan on Instagram admitting they can’t believe how old she really is. ‘It’s wild that I have to carry along my ID as I never know if I will randomly be asked at a store if a bottle of wine was popped. It’s although a compliment but in a very awkward way.’ Rajan added.

At a point in her life, Rajan was asked to present an ID amid buying spray paint for a radiator in a store. She continued: ‘I feel there’s a huge pressure on the younger generation to appear older than their real age. Social media has been playing a huge part in role models having fillers and putting on a lot of makeup which is why it can be confusing for store assistants.’

Asked if there was any secret behind her youthful appearance, Ranjan revealed she doesn’t have any remedies except for good genes while also living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding fast food. ‘I never sunbathe despite going to the pool but I will never lie in the sun for hours.’ Rajan stated.

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