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Single Mom, 23, Graduated From US University With Two Degrees While Nursing Her Newborn Twins


Single Mom, 23, Graduated From US University With Two Degrees While Nursing Her Newborn Twins

Although she was determined, the single mom said it wasn’t easy.

Montoya Timaya Major is the true definition of nothing should stop you from achieving your DREAMS. The 23-Year-Old is a single mom who recently achieved remarkable success in the United States after earning not one but two degrees from Nova Southeastern University while single-handedly nursing her newborn twins.

Major had thought she wouldn’t make it to graduation after she discovered she was pregnant 5months into her program. 

Montoya Timaya Major 2

She narrated her struggles and success on Facebook. She wrote: “Being a mother is hard enough, but being a single mother to two kids while being a full-time student and living away from family and friends, literally having no physical support, is a different type of hard.”


Major revealed she had gone through having a C-section to deliver her twins all by herself. 

“When I told my program director I was expecting, h told me I should just take time off and come back next year because it was going to be too hard to finish the program with a baby and nearly impossible to do it with two.” The single mom, as per Fox News, considered dropping but ultimately, she pulled through. 

montoya major

Major went to class every day until she gave birth to her daughters, Makenna and Makinlee [now-grown].

Montoya Timaya Major 1

A week after she delivered the girls via C-section, Major claimed she was back in the classroom. She stressed she wouldn’t have been able to do without support from her friends and family, especially her father in Alabama. “Throughout this entire journey, my father encouraged me the most although he was not physically there.” 


“My father and I are very close and have always been inseparable after my mother passed when I was young.”

Montoya Timaya Major 5

She continued: “Whenever I had an episode of wanting to quit school, he always encouraged me that it would be worth it in the end.”  As narrated on Facebook, the program started with twenty-six people, but 17, including Major, graduated. She had suffered anxiety when her grades dropped drastically due to being occupied with caring for her children. 

Despite all, Major is proud to have earned a second Bachelor’s degree in Cardiovascular Sonography and a Master’s in Health Science. 

Montoya Timaya Major 4

She spoke of her motivation for dropping grades: “My anxiety went through the roof. I was so afraid of failing and losing everything and most important my kids. I honestly thought dropping out would be the best choice for me, but I knew I couldn’t let my kids down.” However, Major plans to move back to Alabama to be closer to family and start searching for work. 

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