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SDCC 2019 Reveals Breathtaking New Poster for ‘The Dragon Prince’: Grandeur Sol Regem Standing Against A Mage


SDCC 2019 Reveals Breathtaking New Poster for ‘The Dragon Prince’: Grandeur Sol Regem Standing Against A Mage

It’s the new update that ‘The Dragon Prince’ fans have been waiting for. SDCC 2019 panel for ‘The Dragon Prince’ reveals a well-structured story and universe of the world where elves, humans, magic, and dragons live side-by-side. Aaron Ehasz graced us with a new poster for the third season featuring Sol Regem.

The Comic-Con also served answers and knowledge on the Xadia that extends to 5,000 years ago. And before that, the team decided to reveal the timeline of the ‘The Dragon Prince’ which has reached season 2 by now. What’s in store for fans?

Cartoon Universe @ SDCC / Twitter

Since the show was created by the same people behind ‘Avatar: The Legend of Aang’, it will follow the form of the show by calling different seasons as ‘books’. ‘The Dragon Prince’ has three books and the last one will be called ‘Sun’, which was foreshadowed by Sol Regem appearance on the last episode of ‘Sky’ season.

After which, the creators revealed the lores of Xadia. It all began when humans, elves and dragons were united. Then, the rise of Elarion happens 2,000 years ago, after humans have been struggling as ‘the lesser beings’. Elarion saw his way to let humans learn magic and become something more. Sol Regem, the dragon of sun, was the king of the dragons of that era who also witnessed the chaos caused by dark magic.

After that, comes the era of Avizandrum (who is the name of the Thunder Dragon!) when two important moments of history take place: The Fallen Star and The Orphan Queen. It wasn’t clear what The Fallen Star is going to be about, but it could be about how Aaravos is ‘locked’ inside a realm in that mirror, which is a very rough guess.

Cartoon Universe @ SDCC / Twitter

The Orphan Queen will tell the story of Ezran’s ancestor who had no parents but ventured to Xadia to save the world. And it was revealed by Ehasz and Richmond that her story comes out from them thinking about the origin of where the Key of Aaravos comes from.

Cartoon Universe @ SDCC / Twitter

Cartoon Universe @ SDCC / Twitter

And the moment where Callum, Ezran, Rayla, Zym, Soren and Claudia are alive (and shown in the past two seasons) will be known as ‘The Return of Aaravos’.

Cartoon Universe @ SDCC / Twitter

Which means, we’ll see pretty soon more actions from Aaravos aside from controlling a bug-speaker and posing behind a mirror in future seasons. No further comment after this (unfortunately).

Aaravos. Source: Netflix

The team revealed that there will also be new books released, one guide book which tells the features of new types of elves that exist in Xadia as well as new arch dragons aside from Avizandrum and Sol Regem.

There was also a sneak peek of Sol Regem arguing with a human (yes, he spoke human’s language) with a human mage where he calls humans as ‘LESSER BEINGS’ (yes, he was persistent) and threatened to burn a city if he keeps using dark magic. He flew away. The mage absorbs magic by destroying the lives of birds and Sol Regem turned back and they both shot fireballs which killed the mage and sent the arch dragon falling from the sky.

He left an important staff which was a gift from the great ones.

Meanwhile, they confirm that King Harrow is dead with a tease. “But is he really dead?” So many people have been theorizing that King Harrow is Pip and only his body died. What’s for sure is that we’ll still see more of him in the future.

Previously, ‘The Dragon Prince’ official account released a poster of the new season showing Sol Regem and Zym back in March. Excited for it, yet?

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