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Santa Left Boy in Tears After Telling Him He Won’t Bring Him A Nerf Gun


Santa Left Boy in Tears After Telling Him He Won’t Bring Him A Nerf Gun

The Santa turned in his resignation!

2020 does have a Santa! Xmas time is one of the most celebrated every year. And if you’ve got children, you can relate to the excitement and joy of seeing their faces light up, believing Santa will return with a roomful of presents. Regardless of your financial status or parenting style, one thing is common and quite inevitable – giving your kids the best Christmas possible.  

With that said, can you relate to how a 6-year-old felt when a Santa declined his request for a Nerf Gun? An Illinois boy, identified as Michael, had visited Santa at Harlem Irving Plaza in Norridge but was left in tears after the Woke Santa Claus refused his request for a Nerf gun. The Santa mentioned to Michael he would bring no guns and not even a Nerf gun. 

6-year-old Michael Decalro, from Illinois, left in tears after mall Santa declined his request for a Nerf Gun

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Like any other concerned mother would react, Sabella DeCarlo, Michael’s mom, rushed in to comfort her son about the disappointment. Taking the incident to Facebook, DeCarlo slammed the Mall Santa, revealing that the man allowed his personal beliefs to steal her son’s Christmas magic. 

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In the now-viral post, Michael could be seen sitting down at a social distance from the Santa. ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ The Santa queried. Michael couldn’t say he doesn’t know, but after several nudging from Santa, he responded that he would like a Nerf Gun. Of which, the Santa added: ‘No, I-Nope, no guns.’ As also seen, DeCarlo jumped in to clarify that her son is asking for a Nerf gun, but the Santa took his stand. 

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‘No, not even a Nerf Gun. If your dad wants to get it, that is fine. But I can’t bring it to you. What else would you like? Lots of other toys. Legos, There are bicycles, cars, and trucks. What do you think? The Santa explained. Michael burst into tears, and his mom reassured him of getting one no matter. A Nerf Blaster is recognized as a toy gun that fires discs, foam balls, and foam darts. Hasbro mainly produces it. 

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Following DeCarlo’s post, the Plaza representative apologized and admitted that the particular Santa turned in his resignation. ‘Santa is heartbroken and crushed that he has made this child so sad and upset. The Santa Company will continue to remind all of Santa’s how important it is not to impose personal opinions during visits with the children.’ 

‘HIP contacted the family and worked with our Santa Company in hopes of rectifying the situation. We are happy to say that the real Santa has visited the boy at his home to bring him a Nerf gun! We hope we restored Christmas magic to the boy and his family with Santa’s special visit.’ The Plaza said in a released statement. 

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Nevertheless, social media users joined in and blasted the mall Santa. Many have criticized the Mall Santa for pushing politically correct ideals and liberal while a few acknowledged are unimpressed with Santa’s behavior. In your opinion, was Santa right or wrong with his response? 

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