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Royal Photographer Shares His Top Three Photos Of 2019


Royal Photographer Shares His Top Three Photos Of 2019

Take a look at the top three shots – All of the royal ladies!

Photographer Tim Rooke has overcome the panic attribute mainly found in amateur photographers by building for himself a flourishing career.

Capturing perfectly timed photos/portraits of the Royal Family for Shutterstock – the New York Based Agency, talented Tim has revealed his favorite snaps of the monarchy for the year 2019.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Tim admitted he’s specifically proud of snapshots featuring a huge smile.

Tim’s  1st Favorite Shot – The Queen at the London Science Museum

The royal photographer is super proud of this photo featuring the Queen as the front cover of Majesty Magazine. Captured in March during the Queen’s visit to London Science Museum, the photo shows the Queen smiling in a catchy orange coat designed with a matching floral hat.

‘It can be very easy to snap a picture of the Queen looking all serious. But I am always satisfied to take one of her smiling.’ Tim admitted.

Tim’s 2nd Favorite Shot – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge At Badshahi Mosque

Tim equally chose the photograph of Prince Williams and Wife Kate staring deep into each other’s eyes at the Badshashi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan in October.

‘I was trying to position myself opposite the door as I wanted to get a clean photo of the duo with the dark background. I was eventually lucky they stopped here for the photo.’

Tim added: ‘The 1st time the pair visited a mosque was a few years ago and that was in Malaysia. I was the only photographer granted access inside the mosque.’

Tim’s 3rd Favorite Shot – The Duchess of Sussex at The University of Johannesburg

The captured photo of Meghan Markle visiting the University of Johannesburg during a solo engagement in South Africa is also one of Tim’s favorite snaps of 2019.

Naturally illuminated by the sunshine (Markle), Tim revealed it’s his favorite photo because of the lighting which made the photo a really eye-catching image. ‘When photographing a royal walking into the building, they mainly focus on the person they are greeting and not at the camera.’ Tim revealed.

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