Royal Mail Refuses To Fire Its Poster Girl Who Couldn't Wait More Than 2 Seconds

Royal Mail Refuses To Fire Its Poster Girl Who Couldn’t Wait More Than 2 Seconds

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A lot of people were expecting that this Welsh postwoman would be fired because of her TikTok. Laura Orgill is a comedic postie who loves making TikTok videos in between her tight schedules delivering packages. The 26-year-old, however, was criticized severely in one of her funny scenarios as people took it seriously.

More than 2.3 million views on this video with multiple people who couldn’t take the joke.


When customers take ages to answer the door #TikTokPostie

original sound – gil

Laura shoved in a ‘we missed you leaflet’ through a person’s letterbox and captioned the video “when customers take ages to answer the door.”

As a joke, she wrote how it was after a customer took longer than 2 seconds to open the door. As he laughed at the track she used for the video, Laura walked away from the house.

Laura is a ‘TikTok postie’ who had become popular after sharing videos of her on the job in Rhondda Valley, South Wales. She has amassed more than 750k followers on TikTok and has made it to the Cosmopolitan article on unexpected TikTok celebrities.

Royal Mail shared that they had “reminded her of the need always to uphold the highest standards.”

She’s also made it to the Royal Mail Careers Facebook front page.

Some people couldn’t really laugh at her take.

In a subsequent video, she shows how disappointed she was in the negative comments.


Telling my side of the story. Now let’s get back to work ##TikTokPostie

original sound – TIKTOK POSTIE

Laura shares that she works full-time in the middle of the pandemic, and there are more packages to deliver than ever. She said, “Comments like this really upset me.”

“All I do is try to upload silly videos day in day out to cheer people up because I know how much they do in these uncertain times, and people like this have the audacity to try and bring me down.”

“I’m one of the only full-time workers during the pandemic – when parcels went through the roof – which was so hard. All I do while working, doing a hard day’s graft, is try and find some time to make some videos as I know how much it cheers people up.”

“People think I make loads and have six figures in the bank; that’s not the case at all.”

“Please be mindful of what you’re commenting because it can really really affect people. Our postmen and postwomen always go the extra mile to get customers their mail as quickly and as conveniently as possible.”