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Model Risa Hirako Shocked Fans By Revealing Her Real Age While Looking Like A 25-Year-Old


Model Risa Hirako Shocked Fans By Revealing Her Real Age While Looking Like A 25-Year-Old

The model’s actual age is twice of what most people think she is!

Risa Hirako is a popular Japanese model known for her gorgeous looks and fairly plump cheeks, flawless skin, and perfect curves. She looks ageless, but people didn’t actually think that in the most literal sense because she is 51 years old.

The stunning model shares that she believes in eating healthy and having a schedule that includes regularly spending time outdoors with good skincare.

She shared on Instagram, “Try to eat organic foods and use organic products as much as possible. And try to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated for 24hrs.”

Risa shares that she’s dedicated to skincare and would protect herself from harmful UV rays by wearing a hat, using sunblock, and wearing protective clothing. As a fashionista, her choice of fashion isn’t just functional in protecting her skin, but also looks fashionable and chic.

She passes on as a young woman easily thanks to her flawless skincare, makeup, and fashion choices.

But her daily habits and diet spell the reason for her youthful looks. Risa has a very balanced meal, typically things like avocado on toast, fruit smoothies, and plenty of green tea.

Risa doesn’t talk about her age, but it all started when a Twitter user shared the fact, “Risa Hirako is 51 years old. Let that blow your mind this morning.”

The revelation was met with much disbelief as one commented, “She literally looks half her age.”

One reacted, “I need her to drop her beauty routine right now.”

Another commented, “I refused to believe it.”

“She can’t be a day over 25, I feel like this has to be a joke,” wrote another.

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