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Rich Kids Of Russia Share Instagram Messages Against The Ukraine Invasion


Rich Kids Of Russia Share Instagram Messages Against The Ukraine Invasion

This suggests some gap between Putin’s government and younger people living in the country.

Social media is powerful! The children of wealthy Russian Oligarchs are using their different social media platforms, urging peace in Ukraine, and wanting Vladimir Putin to stop the bloodshed. The comments have shown just how Russia’s next-generation sees the ongoing conflict and suggests the gap between Putin’s government and younger people living in the country.

Roman Abramovich’s daughter [pictured], the daughter of Putin’s, owns political mentor, and Elizabeth Peskova, the child of a Kremlin spokesman, are among the children lending their voice. 

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Sofia had posted that it was Kremlin propaganda that most Russians stood with the aims of Vladimir Putin.

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Elizabeth Peskova posted the word “No To The War,” but it suddenly disappeared after being up for just an hour, without further explanation. 

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov pictured at a news conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

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Similarly, Ksenia Sobchak, a former Russian presidential candidate and socialite condemned and called for peace. 

“The main topic – a real conflict with Ukraine, in which no one, including me, believed until the last. When Russia recognized the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass, it seemed that this was already a kind of intermediate finish. It was the very beginning. The military conflict began,” the presenter, who has denied being Putin’s goddaughter, wrote on Instagram. 

She continued: “Shares have collapsed, the EU is preparing sanctions, arrests for anti-war pickets have begun all over Russia, the RKN promises to punish the media that quote an unofficial point of view. What’s next, how will at least today’s endless day end? It’s impossible to calculate. The only thing known for sure is that people are dying.”

Sobchak has since flown to Turkey with her young son, the same way tens of thousands of Russians left amid fears that draconian martial law will be imposed soon and their concern over the war. 

Due to the Ukraine War, Russia is hit by limits on hard currency withdrawals or exchanges due to Western sanctions. Maria Yumasheva, daughter of government adviser Valentin Yumashev, has also shown her support for Ukraine. Her father was vital in helping Putin come to power after being one of Boris Yeltson’s most trusted aides. 

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But then his 19-Year-Old daughter has her views on Putin’s actions in Ukraine. 

Her simple photo of the Ukraine flag gave little doubt of her views on whether Russian forces should invade it. 

But her breaking heart and the two-word phrase no war was enough for her followers to understand her concerns.

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However, one who hasn’t shared any messages on social media is Anna Milyavaskaya of Rublyovaka Moscow. She’s the daughter of an actress and a businessman, living in Belgravia in Mayfair central London. Her Instagram, @mil_anna, is filled with images of her in different locations graced in designer brands. 

She grew up in Rublyovaka, the unofficial name of a prestigious residential area in the western suburbs of Moscow, Russia, where famous and wealthy families live, including Vladimir Putin.

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