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Russia Gets Kicked Out Of 2022 World Cup


Russia Gets Kicked Out Of 2022 World Cup

This is quite a very uplifting attitude.

The football world has proven to be united and in full solidarity with all the people affected in Ukraine. In a joint statement made available to the public, the world governing body, and the European Association, UEFA has confirmed that all Russian national teams and clubs are suspended until further notice due to the invasion of Ukraine. 

ESPN reported that Russia had been kicked out of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup. 

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The statement claims that these decisions were adopted by the Bureau of the FIFA Council and the Executive Committee of UEFA, the highest decision-making bodies of both institutions on such urgent matters. They added both presidents hope the situation in Ukraine will improve significantly and rapidly so that football can again be a vector for unity and peace amongst people.

The release also reiterated: “Following the initial decisions adopted by the FIFA Council and the UEFA Executive Committee, which envisaged the adoption of additional measures, FIFA and UEFA have today decided together that all Russian teams, whether national representative teams or club teams, shall be suspended from participation in both FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice.”

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Quoted by PZPN’s website, Cezary Kulesza had earlier shared: “We are very consistent in this letter: we will not play against the Russian team, wherever that match takes place and whatever the Russian team’s name is. We believe that other federations should join our position. That’s why I asked for such a document to be prepared and distributed. We appealed for solidary, and the response has been very strong. 

The President of Poland’s football federation, Kulesza, pleaded with other nations to join them in boycotting matches against Russia. 

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However, Kulesza added he received phone calls on Monday morning from many countries expressing their support, claiming no one has any doubt that the example set by Poland is a good one. So far, federations such as England, Albania, Wales, Norway, and Denmark have officially announced they will not play against the Russians either. 

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