'Resident Evil Village' Players Hilariously Spanking Lady Dimitrescu With A Swatter

‘Resident Evil Village’ Players Hilariously Spanking Lady Dimitrescu With A Swatter

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To get the best out of games, players like to explore unusual mods and have fun with them. One of those mods happens to change the knife skin into a fly swatter. The hilarious mod means that you can now hit your enemies (like the tall lady vampire) with fly swatters!

A sample of what hitting Lady Dimitrescu with the fly swatter looks like.

Hilariously, the fly swatter mod also comes with the crunchy sound effect of being slapped. The mod was uploaded on NexusMods, where players can freely download and use the mods. It was created by Stevebg23 and has been downloaded more than 2k times.

A player shared his attempt at slapping Lady Dimitrescu from behind, and it became quite popular with more than 6 million views already. The swatter comes in multiple colors you can choose.

Another player combined it with the Mr. X mod skin.

It certainly left a deep impression on people with that skin as she looks back at you when you hit her with the swapper.