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Resident Evil 3 Remake Had Jill Valentine Redesigned And Here’s Why


Resident Evil 3 Remake Had Jill Valentine Redesigned And Here’s Why

To keep her true to her essence, but living up to the photorealistic graphic.

Jill Valentine is a strong character and anyone who’ve watched the movies or played the game can quickly remember her. She’s iconic in the light-blue you-can-see top and black skirt with brownish short hair. Later in the story, she was captured and forcibly turned into one of Umbrella Corporation’s soldiers.

In Resident Evil 3 remake, Jill had a redesign that still sticks to the iconic color, but in a slightly different fashion. Peter Fabiano explains why they decided to change how Jill looks in the remake.

“When we approached Jill, if you look at the original we had to do what we needed to make her stand out,” Fabiano began. “But with this game, everything is on a photorealistic level; it’s more of a believable atmosphere we’re trying to create. We want to have a Jill that fits in but still stayed true to her original personality and essence. And that’s really how we came about the new Jill.”

This interview can be read further in Edge magazine, issue 343 where Chris Schilling also explores how Raccoon City and Nemesis changed after the remake. Project Resistance was also added to the game, a multiplayer add-on of a redesigned hide-and-seek mode where four players work together to escape a building against one player who controls hindrances and summons monsters.

New Jill wears tank-top and grey jeans which frankly looks more believable to be worn under a zombie-apocalypse situation.

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