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Plague Inc. Game Reportedly Pulled Out From Chinese App Stores


Plague Inc. Game Reportedly Pulled Out From Chinese App Stores

It could be the ongoing tension with the outbreak.

It is kind of a sick sense of humor to know that Plague Inc. game is gaining back traction since the covid-19 became an epidemic. But it was a fun game even way before that, as a player one can confirm this fact.

But with the disease-causing cities and companies in China unable to operate normally, the game has actually been secretly taken down from app stores in China. This news came from Ndemic Creation, the developers behind the game themselves.

The Chinese government’s reason for taking down the game was because the game “includes content that is illegal in China.” It was not specified what exactly was illegal about the game as it never had any problem before until this.

According to the analyst, this could be caused by the Fake News update that allows people to spread hoax together with the disease to increase its infectiousness. But worth noting this update was launched back on Dec. 4 before the outbreak was actually officially noticed. The tutorial, however, always has its patient zero found in China.

The scenario was made in collaboration with Full Fact, a UK independent organization that focuses on fact-checking and with PolitiFact from the US. Chief of the executive of Full Fact, Will McCoy, explains, “The Fake News update in Plague Inc. will reach millions of more people, helping them to understand the real threat that bad information poses.”

The founder of Plague Inc. also commented that “it was scary how many of our infection algorithms translated perfectly to the world of false facts, fake news and bad information.”

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