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Pregnant Woman Had A Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage Because Her Belly Was Too Huge


Pregnant Woman Had A Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage Because Her Belly Was Too Huge

She rocked the stage, though!

Imagine carrying a human baby developing in your belly, but it’s now at the size of a newborn baby. You’re 8-month pregnant and this means you have experienced sleepless nights, heartburn and had your bladder constantly pressured as you take regular trips to the toilets.

Imagine, under all that hurdle, you’re also responsible as a part of a choir and solo performer in an upcoming Christmas event at your church. Yeah, the pressure got real.

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That’s the background story of a woman who shared her story of wardrobe malfunction.

She was ready for this: she got her outfit ready, her voice ready, she nailed her first service nicely.

She was sweating and changed into her PJs as she aired her dress. But unfortunately, she was running late and quickly wore her red dress back. Well, this is where she failed to see below her belly because her stomach was just too huge!

“Unfortunately, the service began a moment earlier and the choir was already on stage. I grabbed my songbook and lumbered onto the stage from the middle aisle to my place front and center with the other sopranos,” the woman described. “Everyone smiled at me awkwardly, which I figured was due to my tardiness.”

After she began her hymn, she finally noticed there was ‘too much fabric around her legs’. She continued, “I could not see past my belly easily, so I leaned over to check, as conspicuous as it was to do so.”

“The sight and accompanying horror took a moment to register. There they were, my pink and teal flamingo print pajama pants. Still on my legs.”

Big OOF for our pregnant mother here, but that is why she asked if she messed it up by wearing her pajamas’ pants to the choir because she couldn’t see it!

She noticed her mistakes and quickly went to change.

But honestly, a lot of people think it was just going to be one beautiful, adorable memory for her!

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One user wrote, “Honestly I’m betting most people were thinking “Hell, she’s 8 months pregnant. Wear whatever you want. That’s a friggin’ power move.”

Another wrote, “No decent person thought twice about it. Except for your loved ones. They won’t ever forget that. It’ll be a cherished memory.”

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