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Mom Who Was Pregnant With Quadruplets Shares Awe-Inspiring Before & After Pics On Instagram


Mom Who Was Pregnant With Quadruplets Shares Awe-Inspiring Before & After Pics On Instagram

We stan strong women!

Syman and Lindsay Hay love children, but they did not expect to have five of them after Lindsay’s second pregnancy. The New Jersey parents recently shared a family picture of the two of them with their 5 kids all under 5 years old.

Before the quadruplet, the couple already had their first boy, Carson, who is now 4 years old. Now, Lindsay also has 4 other 7-month-old toddlers they named Caiden Michael, Madison Grace, Lucas William, and Grayson James.

Lindsay got into a hormone treatment by injecting Follitism. Her egg quality is poor and with this injection, they hoped to “‘catch’ a good one faster.” She added, “We were to try this, plus timed intercourse six times.”

She found out she was pregnant on the 3rd cycle with not just one or a twin pair. But all four of them at once. The pair also couldn’t believe it at first because she’s been told her egg quality was poor.”I was in a lot of denial,” said the mother. “My husband was silent and white as a ghost.”

She also admitted that she was nervous about it.”I honestly didn’t think the pregnancy would progress, and prepared myself for miscarriage. There was just a lot of uncertainty, fear, and surprise.”

She’s had had several miscarriages and carried that mindset all the time. “You carry the pain of miscarriage with you wherever you go, and even after being on the other side with my rainbow babies here, it still hurts. I don’t think I’ll ever fully heal,” says Lindsay.

But she also believes that it has also made her stronger as a person and amazed at the miracle of life and these babies.

She admits that the pregnancy was exhausting and difficult. She would count every second just to be grateful to get through another day. Her cervix thinned at 20 weeks and she’s convinced she will lose them all. But she pushed on and managed up to 30 weeks and 4 days.

The quads were later born and put in NICU for seven more weeks before they go home healthy and happy. She is also breastfeeding all of them! And with all that has passed, she decided to share a before-after picture of her huge pregnancy and the result today. They are so irresistibly adorable!

Her caption also sums up the gratefulness every mother feels.

The couple’s hands are also full now, but they’re definitely grateful for the gift they have received!

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