Plus-size Mannequin Sparks An Online Debate With Critics Call It 'Dangerous'

Plus-size Mannequin Sparks An Online Debate With Critics Call It ‘Dangerous’

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GB News presenter, Isabel Oakeshott, is under fire after she decided that a shop’s display for fitness clothing was unsightly for using a plus-size mannequin. the 47-year-old journalist calls the display “dangerous” on her social media as it promotes “obesity.”

Fabletics’ latest addition to their sportswear has included size 16 displayed on the forefront.


People quickly reacted to her tweet, calling out her distaste towards inclusivity. The average size of women in the UK is currently 16, the same size the mannequin was on display for.

People are rightfully angry towards her negative reaction at shops including displays that represent other sizes.


Women showed off the same lime green velvet set in reaction to the hate tweet.


People were complimenting them on the outfit. One wrote in reply to Sophia Tassew, “And you manage to look absolutely stunning in what I thought was a hideous color on the mannequin. I’m seriously impressed, your awesomeness field must make everything touching you better.”

Another sent her praise, “Girl, you know what? IT’S EVEN CUTER ON A REAL PERSON!”

“They should use your pic to advertise this. Looking fantastic! Demonstrating how it looks on an actual human. You look fabulous,” wrote another.

Clearly, people of any size cannot be denied service at the gym. Why they can’t have mannequins that display clothes in their body sizes, too?