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“Body Positivity Does Not Promote Obesity – I’m Plus Size And Exercise Regularly”


“Body Positivity Does Not Promote Obesity – I’m Plus Size And Exercise Regularly”

Being bigger doesn’t equal being unhealthy.

Emily Jones, an Influencer, has opened up about dangerous stereotypes while insisting that body positivity campaign doesn’t promote obesity. The brunette beauty also claimed that health isn’t black or white and that being plus-sized doesn’t mean that someone is automatically unhealthy. 

Emily Jones, 31, is frustrated with the perception that plus-size people are unhealthy and unfit.

The 31-Year-Old, who wears UK size 18-20, had always been a silent admirer of the body positivity awareness and plus-size space on Instagram. So she made it a mission to challenge the norm, living a healthy lifestyle while sharing pics of her realistic swimwear snaps to Instagram. Well, she’s frustrated with the assumption that plus-size people are unfit & lazy. 

Likewise, Jones addressed that body positivity doesn’t promote obesity; instead encourages a healthy lifestyle.

"Body Positivity Does Not Promote Obesity – I'm Plus Size And Exercise Regularly"

Jones exercises daily and believes she is in the ‘best shape despite suffering from inflammatory arthritis.

According to Daily Star, Jones declared that most people really want authenticity to see imperfections, see natural bodies, and see themselves reflected in the media they consume, not just perfect Photoshopped images. While Jones suffers from Lipedema and inflammatory arthritis, including Fibromyalgia, she’s keen on promoting living life to the absolute fullest no matter the circumstances.

While she also suffers from fibromyalgia & lipidemia, Jones says being plus-sized doesn’t mean unhealthy.

"Body Positivity Does Not Promote Obesity – I'm Plus Size And Exercise Regularly"

Despite her limitations, Jones, who campaigns for invisible disability awareness on her account named @miss_jones, strives to better her health with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Speaking on body positivity, she revealed it isn’t about thinking someone is above self-improvement but about loving oneself enough and be the best version while accepting what makes them unique.

Her career in social media started after she lost her job in London while battling ill health.

Having lost her job, her mother had also been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.

As someone who’s both plus-size and suffers an invisible disability, Jones knows that people often make unfair assumptions about her due to her weight. She’s often faced criticism for her content – something which is expected in the plus-size community. But regardless, the Instagram model wants other women and men to feel more confident in their bodies, no matter their size. 

Jones pleads that people want to see images they can relate to and perceived imperfections on show.      

She advised that people should focus on being their best selves and unfollow anyone who isn’t inspiring. 

Nonetheless, the Content creator who splits her time between the UK and Malta also wants people to recognize that being bigger doesn’t equal being unhealthy. On the other hand, Jones had started her account after a difficult period of her life, when she was battling with the pain of losing her office due to her ill health and her mom being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. 

However, Jones also campaigns for a greater understanding of ‘invisible disabilities’ like her own.

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