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Pharmacy Robber Kissed An Elderly Shopper’s Forehead Instead Of Taking Her Money


Pharmacy Robber Kissed An Elderly Shopper’s Forehead Instead Of Taking Her Money

‘No ma’am … I don’t want your money’

An elderly woman in NorthEast Brazil had offered to give an armed robber her money but was kissed on the forehead instead.

Recorded by a surveillance camera inside a pharmacy store, a suspect was seen speaking with the elderly shopper while his accomplice robbed the store staff on Tuesday in the City of Amarante.

The elderly woman, who stay adjacent to the pharmacy faced the suspect and told him she wanted him to take her money as well but was tapped by the robber on the shoulder in a bid to calm her down and equally placed a kiss on her forehead.

An elderly woman attempts to reason with the thieves by offering to give them her money

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Samuel Almeida, the Pharmacy Store owner, who spoke to the Brazilian Outlet G1 said the robbers entered the store and requested his employee give them all of the money they had.

But responding, one of the thieves in a motorcycle helmet told the woman it wasn’t necessary and placed a kiss on her forehead

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Samuel explained that the women then confronted one of the thieves and demanded he takes her money, but instead kissed her and replied saying ‘No, ma’am, you can be quiet, I don’t want your money.’

However, the armed robbers eloped with $240 and with some goods. The military officers are presently canvassing the neighborhood for the suspects.

The thieves who robbed a pharmacy store in the City of Amarante made away with $240 and with some other goods

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Armed Robber Kisses Elderly Shopper Inside a Pharmacy

Source: Dailymail

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