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Personal Trainer Says She Was ‘Thin Shamed’ By Jealous Friends After Losing 126 Lbs


Personal Trainer Says She Was ‘Thin Shamed’ By Jealous Friends After Losing 126 Lbs

They were just jealous.

So, you think it’s easy to change?

People are hard-headed creatures that no matter how adaptable we are as a species, it’s really hard to cut out bad habits. It’s really hard to put our utmost effort to start caring about our own bodies because no one else will.

Nicole Caperilla is a 31-year-old personal trainer from Connecticut. But before she had this job, she was always an overweight child, over-fed with junk food, carbonated drinks and sugar. She mainly had pizzas and burgers and her scale reads 266 lbs. She had to wear dress at the size of 20.

“I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a child but got rid of it. During my first pregnancy I put on so much weight and couldn’t lose it. I tried every diet and supplement to lose it and it wasn’t budging,” says Nicole.

But every since 2017, she worked HARD to change all that. In June 2017, she went through vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) that basically reduces the size of her stomach which reduces the amount of food she eats. Within two weeks, she began hitting the gym, exercising with weights and did a 180 with her diet.

The surgery helped with her appetite, but that was not a one-for-all solution. She switched into a protein-heavy diet which consists of lean meat such as chicken, ground turkey and fish. She had oatmeal for breakfast, sweet potatoes and vegetables for lunch, and complex carbs with vegetables for dinner.

She worked out 5-6 days a week, doing both cardio and weight training to burn and form muscles.

A year later, she already cut down 126 lbs from her scale to 140 lbs. And she is able to slip herself into dresses at the size of 4.

She recalls, “I’d eat a lot of things like burgers and pizzas and processed junk foods that were really high in carbs. I ate so many carbs.

“I think I’d let it go on because I wasn’t putting my health first. Working night shifts meant terrible sleeping patterns and it was hard to make good choices. I became a stay at home mom and then it just got even worse putting myself on the back burner.

She continued sharing, “I got winded by the smallest things and was borderline diabetic, borderline sleep apnoea and had high blood pressure. One of the scariest times for me was when I was waking myself up in a panic gasping for breath because I’d stopped breathing in my sleep.”

“I just kept going even though I was struggling physically, mentally and emotionally with being morbidly obese.”

Nicole was disappointed with herself and how she’d looked. Throughout her journey of losing weight, she had her husband full of support. But it was her close friends that made it hard. Or at least, the ones she thought to be so.

She would receive rude comments about her new look and joke about her life. They would tell her she’s not perfect and it’s often negative. These are people she’d had her whole life and it took a long while for her to realize.

“They were just jealous.”

She found new friends and people who are more worth it. She now has better people around here who will support what she’s doing as she gets healthier.

And today she’s a personal trainer that helps others become a better version of themselves! She feels how this empowers her and wants others to feel the same way.

“It feels so good to be healthy. I realized that I didn’t need to have people like that in my life.”

What about you? If you want to change, start today, start now! Because waiting will not get you anywhere. And most importantly, start it for yourself. That’s what Nicole advise to everyone who wants to experience this amazing transformation.

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