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People Surprised Why Rents And Security Deposits Are So High, So This Landlord Reveals Some Pics

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People Surprised Why Rents And Security Deposits Are So High, So This Landlord Reveals Some Pics

An earlier behavior is an indication of future behavior!

To every story reported, there are usually two sides to check before giving out a final verdict. Stories hinged on landlords and tenants are of course not an exception of the aforementioned.

While there are genuinely nice landlords across the world, some tenants are very similar to evil stepmothers. Jerry Ciro Ucci recently uploaded pictures as evidence as to why rent and security deposits can at times be skyrocketed.

The photos are very shocking yet perfectly illustrated what absolute pigs some individuals can be. Going all viral as some internet users saw the landlord’s and property managers’ side of things for the very first time, you sure will also cringe at how some tenants could be– you might even gulp.

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A Landlord Recently Uploaded Photos Of What A Family Did To His Property

Jerry Ciro Ucci

Garnering over 25K likes on Facebook and reposted 49K times, some internet users equally shared the story with law enforcement and opined the family is brought to justice. Bigger Pockets specifically shared some simple straight to the point advice for fresh-faced landlords.

The Family Couldn’t Pay Rent But Could Afford Cigarette

The Living Room Used As A Trash Section

The Bathroom

Puking Off The Balcony On To The Downstairs Businesses Wastebasket

Two basic things you should look out for are first the tenant’s income and credit scores. Poor credit scores are mostly associated with risky behavior as compared to a high credit score.

Got So Much Trash In Here

Soiled Diapers Laid Everywhere Even When Kid Was Changed

A Fossilized Mix Of Poop Is Located To Where They Slept

The Trail Of Trash Nonstop

Floors With Layers Of Urine & Poop

The Shower Is Also A Trash Bin Or Perhaps A Litter Box

Sink That Appears To Be A Great Ashtray!

A Hardened Poop In The Kitchen

The Kitchen Drawers Not Safe As Well

The Windowsill With Jellied Substance

Freezer & Snacks!

A Room Their Dog Was Locked In! The Diarrhea & Urine Combo

The Rabbit Toilet

The Actual Toilet

Severally Dirty Diapers!

Yet Again Another Poop Filled Diaper!

More Dirty Diapers & Tampons

One Hiding Filled With Poop Stuck

A Broken Drug Pipe

Soda On The Wall – The Property Manager Will Certainly Clean This In 6-7 Months’ Time

Anything Goes With Playdoe Obviously!

The Hairy Toothpaste Balls

The Mathematics Calculation On The Wall

Flies! How Come?

Upcoming Artist In The Building

Another Poop On The Trim

Internet Users Reacted To Jerry’s Disgusting Photos

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